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The "Franco Demarchi" Foundation is  an instrumental body of the Province of Trento, a non-profit organization with legal personality under private law, consisting in the development and evolution of the Regional Institute of Social Studies and Research ( IRSRS ).

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The mission of the Foundation is to promote and realize, directly or indirectly, training and research in the social, educational and cultural field benefit of local communities and their development as well as to support the skills of workers and citizens. At the Foundation, training and research activities are appropriately integrated so that training is constantly enriched by the results of research and, in turn, research can be stimulated and enriched by the relationships with the local communities and the communities of practices implemented by training. The Foundation is a place of meeting, debate and reflection, innovation and verification, open to all those subjects involved in the social, educational and cultural network: institutions, private social, volunteering , citizens, families. The Foundation implement activities and projects  about:

- continuous training, education and lifelong learning
- vocational training and high vocational training related to the profiles inherent in the area of services in social, health, educational, social health and social educational fields
- aimed research, focusing on action-research
- support for testing of interventions and services
documentation, information and dissemination

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The Foundation can also:

collaborate with Universities on degree courses for social professionals or post-graduate courses which provide for granting university degrees; collaborate with research and training institutions to conduct training, research and consultancy activities in social, health, educational, social health and social educational fields; develop editorial activities, conferences and conventions; manage accreditation systems of social and social health services; participate to the provincial system of research and innovation established by the Provincial Law August 2nd 2005, N. 14.


The institutional members of the Foundation are the Province of Trento, the Federation of Co-operation in Trentino (which gathers many important social cooperatives that manage social and LTC services), the Municipality of Trento and the Regional Institute for Social Studies and Research itself. The Foundation is well embedded at regional level and well represents the main local stakeholders.

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