ENAIP (Ente Nazionale ACLI Istruzione Professionale) is an education and vocational training agency working at national level though its numerous branches present all over the national territory.
Founded in 1951 it is accredited by the Ministry of labour and has the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

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Enaip is a national system organized in form of network composed of ACLI and Enaip at regional level. Considering its activities, number of users, facilities and organization structure and staff it is the biggest national training agency.
At European level Enaip is active member of the international association AEFP/EVTA gathering the main National vocational training organisms of sixteen European countries. This characteristic plays a crucial role in this project whose objective is to foster national awareness and commitment and to enliven a public debate through participatory tools and by implementing a permanent network.  

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Given the significant change in the job market and in the national education and training system, Enaip has redefined its mission in order to meet emerging needs and tackle current priorities and future challenges.
The objectives driving the activity of Enaip are:

- Fostering training success - Prevent dropping out of school and training courses
- Providing a training offer that meets local working needs
- Lifelong learning
- The centrality of job in each training project.

The constant improvement of quality To this aim the National office plays the role of monitoring and guidance of European, national and local policies.

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- Vocational training
- Job inclusion
- Social inclusion, and initiatives to cope with marginalization and to promote equality of opportunities
- Training action for private and public bodies to promote organizations’ innovation and processes of renovation and valorisation of human resources
- International actions

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ENAIP plans, organizes and realizes these activities directly or with the support of associated partners. The action of ENAIP is articulated in five typologies of service:

- Analysis and research on training needs
- Vocational training founded with public resources   
- Vocational training required by private companies, agencies, association and public administration
- Technical assistance and advice
- Research on educational and training policies and exploitation of good practices